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Hybrid Ordering for Restaurants

Hybrid Ordering for Restaurants

Why Restaurant Owners Should Consider a Hybrid Order & Pay System One such innovation that’s gaining popularity is hybrid ordering, which allows customers to place orders and pay from their phone via QR code or from a server. While this may seem like a daunting task in practice, it’s quite simple and makes a lot of […]

Patio Season: Tips to Turn Up Your Patio Service

Patio Season: Tips to Turn Up Your Patio Service a small restaurant patio view from above. Tables and chairs, and hanging greenery

How to Revamp Your Restaurant’s Patio Experience It’s April in Toronto, spring is in the air and patio season is just around the corner. As the weather warms up, more and more people will be heading outside to enjoy a drink or a meal in the sunshine. For restaurant owners, this means preparing for an influx […]

Supercharge Your Restaurant: 7+ Different Ways to Use the OrderUp POS

Supercharge Your Restaurant: 7+ Different Ways to Use the OrderUp POS

A Dynamic POS for a Dynamic Restaurant Restaurants are increasingly adopting digital solutions to streamline their operations and enhance the customer experience. In fact, 75% of restaurant operators say they will be investing in new technology in 2023. In this post, we’ll go over some of the different ways restaurants can use the OrderUp POS, […]

Product Updates – Q1, 2023

We’ve released some new features for the OrderUp POS! Please see below. Manual Order Input – POS is LIVE Entering Dine In Orders Entering Takeout Orders Adding Items or Editing Open  Orders Staff Time Tracking Custom Names for Items and Modifiers Accepting Cash Payment Terminal Open Food Manual Order Input & Editing Orders In this section […]

How Restaurants Can Offer an Amazon Go Experience

Serve more tables by enabling your guests to skip the payment process The rise of technology has revolutionized many industries, including the way we shop and dine. The introduction of AmazonGo, Amazon’s cashierless grocery store, has disrupted the traditional shopping experience, offering a fast and convenient way to purchase items without the need to wait […]

3 Restaurant Trends for 2023

3 Restaurant Trends for 2023 dark restaurant with bright lights at the back, the restaurant is empty. In the top right corner there is a white OrderUp logo and beneath it says "2023" in a dark red, below that says "Restaurant Trends" indicating that the blog post is highlighting restaurant trends for 2023

Restaurant and Food Service Trends to look out for in 2023 For over a decade, the restaurant industry has been marked by sales growth and innovation. Restaurants have become more innovative with foodservice concepts and products, both in the form of new menu items and customer experiences. As we look at the future, trends in […]

Dealing With Restaurant Server Staffing Issues

Trouble Finding Staff? You’re not alone.  We want to give everyone who’s entering the hospitality industry a fair chance. But after hundreds of conversations with restaurant owners, operators, managers and stakeholders, we keep hearing the same thing: “It’s difficult to find quality staff.” Obviously this isn’t true in all cases and there are many talented […]

Digital Tab System for Restaurants

Digital Tab System for Restaurants Opening a tab at a restaurant from your phone. Shows food orders with a green button to open tab.

What if your diners could open a tab right from their phone? In our latest product push, OrderUp is proud to announce the launch of digital tabs for dine-in restaurant service. This feature allows guests or tables to open up tabs, without presenting a physical card to staff. Furthermore, the guest or table is able […]

How Restaurant Diners Feel About QR Code Ordering

QR Code Ordering & Payments have grown in popularity, but do your customers actually want it? QR codes gained importance in the fight against COVID-19, but with the virus in the past for the most part, should restaurants still be using them? And more importantly, do restaurant customers want them? In this post, we’ll take […]

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