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This page features posts that are designed and written with our partners in contactless dining in mind. It contains how-to’s, menu updates, and tutorial videos.

Restaurant Credit Card Fee Calculator

[Skip to Calculator] Running a restaurant can be challenging, and one of the biggest expenses is credit card processing fees. From interchange fees to monthly service charges, it can be difficult to understand and manage the costs associated with accepting credit card payments. In this article, we’ll break down the different types of credit card […]

How To Accept Takeout Orders From Your Instagram

Accept take-out or pickup food orders, right from your Instagram page. How diners find the latest and greatest local restaurants to try for takeout is changing. Social media is becoming a larger driver in how potential customers discover your restaurant. If you’re already leveraging social media, that’s great. If you’re not – you should maybe […]

Engineering and Optimizing a Mobile Restaurant Menu

Engineering and Optimizing a Mobile Restaurant Menu adding images to your digital menu can increase profits by 30%

You’ve heard about menu engineering, but what about digital menu optimization? Follow these steps to drive revenue, and increase average ticket size. Your menu is more than a list of food – it’s your best marketing asset. A properly formatted and optimized digital menu goes a long way in driving sales and revenue. Traditional menu […]

Everything You Need To Know About OrderUp’s Digital Menu Builder

How to use the OrderUp Menu Builder Application *This tutorial and post is slightly out of date as of June 2023. Please reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions about our menu builder. It’s much more complex (in a good way) as of now.  Welcome to the OrderUp Menu Builder Tutorial. In the […]

How to Improve Your Restaurant’s SEO Through Your Digital Menu

How to Improve Your Restaurant’s SEO Through Your Digital Menu image of Google search bar with "best wings near me" typed in

Why, and how digital menus are a big opportunity for Restaurant SEO and Search Engines If you’re using an OrderUp digital menu for your restaurant, you may be missing out on some extra value. After running tests and assessing usage data of our menus, we’re seeing some pretty compelling results when it comes to Search […]

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