The Best POS for
Fast Casual Restaurants

Simple, affordable & dynamic for every type of service

Combine traditional POS functionality with QR code ordering & payments

A POS that matches your service

Customers love your restaurant’s casual vibe, efficient service, and delectable cuisine, which provide a stress-free and affordable alternative to traditional dining options. 

Whether customers are popping in for a coffee break, grabbing a bite to eat, or settling in to work for a few hours, your restaurant offers a versatile and welcoming environment.

Given the distinctiveness of your restaurant’s service model and the varied needs of your clientele, it’s essential to have a POS system that can keep up. That’s where OrderUp comes in, offering a range of features to accommodate everything from coffee orders to sit-down meals to takeout and QR code or digital ordering.

OrderUp Restaurant Point of Sale technology

The OrderUp Platform is…


Take orders & payments easily on a cloud-based platform. Update menus and access reporting from anywhere on any device. Online takeout orders, promotions, and on-prem QRC ordering.


No monthly subscriptions or annual fees. At-cost hardware fees, or BYO. Industry leading credit card processing rates. Transfer overhead to your bottom line.


Built by a team of local restaurant professionals, with onsite training and support when you need it. We continue to improve our platform in consultation with our partners - your voice matters.

A platform as flexible as your service

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