The Ultimate Food Truck POS

Say goodbye to long lines, and longer wait times at your Food Truck

Use the power of mobile ordering & payment to work through queues, shorten wait times and provide food faster, with OrderUp.

Simple solutions for busy food trucks

OrderUp offers food trucks everything they need to efficiently manage their business. Our intuitive point of sale system helps you keep track of orders, easily manage your menu or staff, report on sales and manually manage orders & payments.

Our optional QR code ordering and payment system streamlines the ordering process for your staff and customers. When customers order from their phone, it can increase their AOV by 27%.

Plus, our online ordering feature makes it easy for customers to order ahead for pickup.

pink and teal food truck with man wearing a green shirt and sunglasses in front of it operating a point of sale and mobile ordering system
Chef Rob Lalonde, Owner, Home Appliance Food Co., Toronto, ON

QR Code Order & Pay for Food Trucks

1. Diners Scan QR Code Located Near Food Truck

Common placements of QR Codes are on A-Frames outside, side of trucks, or simply by the ordering window. Operators can also hand out menus or other printed materials with a QR code printed.

2. Guests Open Mobile Friendly Digital Menu & Choose Items

After scanning the QR Code, guests will be brought to a mobile-friendly digital menu where they can browse your menu, and select items & add-ons. It’s been proven that guests are more likely to order add-ons when ordering from a mobile device – resulting in higher average ticket size. They can also specify any dietary restrictions, allergies or special requests.

3. Customers Order & Pay Upfront Securely, Straight From Their Device

Guests pay for their order, tip and tax securely from their mobile device. They can use Apple Pay, Google Pay or a Credit Card. Usually this information pre-populates, making payments as easy as 1 click. 

4. Orders Are Sent To A KDS or Printer In Your Kitchen

Items only appear in your KDS after they’ve been paid for. In the KDS you’ll have the option to cancel the order or specific items (initiating an immediate refund). There is also the ability to give the guest an ETA of when their meal will be ready.

 Depending on the flow of your operation, we also offer immediate chit printer integration. Orders can be printed as soon as they are confirmed. Our KDS is web-based, so it can be accessed from any device (tablet, laptop etc) – there’s no extra hardware necessary.

No one likes waiting in line.

In fact, 60% of consumers say they would shop elsewhere due to long lines and a time-consuming payment process. How long a customer waits in line and the general payment experience is a key factor of retaining customers and encouraging repeat purchases.

Empower diners to place an order from their phone, and come back whenever it’s ready. 

OrderUp’s QR code order and payment system can drastically improve how you work through long lines, rush hours or busy weekends in a high-traffic area. Keep your guests happy, and improve the speed at which they are served.

It’s really simple. Let your guests place and pay for their order from their mobile device, then come collect it when it’s prepared. What they do in the meantime is up to them – but at least they’re not waiting in line. 

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