How To Accept Takeout Orders From Your Instagram

Accept take-out or pickup food orders, right from your Instagram page.

How diners find the latest and greatest local restaurants to try for takeout is changing. Social media is becoming a larger driver in how potential customers discover your restaurant. If you’re already leveraging social media, that’s great. If you’re not – you should maybe consider it. Here’s why:

Why you Should Accept Food Orders From your Instagram

For starters, Instagrams users are 10x more engaged with brands compared to other social medias, and there’s over 1 billion monthly active users. 

  • 42% of U.S diners say they have interacted with restaurants at least once on social media platforms, and of that group, 66% said they are more likely to order food from the restaurant. 
  • Nearly half (45%) say that they have tried a restaurant for the first time after visiting their social media. 
  • Out of the 39% of Americans who follow restaurants on social media, 40% of them do it mainly to help them determine if they want to dine in or order food from the restaurant.
  • More people crowdsource (search) opinions before making dining decisions—especially millennials, who are expected to inject an additional $6 billion into the restaurant industry in the years to come.
  • Millennials and Gen-Z are 99% more likely to rely on social media and reviews to make a decision than other generations.

All these statistics represent a huge opportunity to capture orders directly from your social media page. You can do this easily by offering pickup options directly on your page.

Another benefit of accepting orders from your Instagram account is to cut through the noise (and commission fees) of traditional third-party delivery apps. Capture your audience, exactly where they are interacting and engaging with your business.

How to Accept Food Orders From Your Restaurants Instagram

1.Get an online order and payment solution

The first aspect of streamlining orders from your instagram is to have an online order and payment system set up. This means a link that brings visitors to a menu, where they can place and pay for orders. But you’ll also need to make sure that you’re receiving the orders and payments in real time. Orders are placed from a mobile device or computer, then sent to a KDS (or Kitchen Display System) or point of sale. Once the order is accepted, the diner pays from their device via credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay, and the proceeds go directly your restaurants associated bank account. 

There are a couple of options you can consider when setting up an online ordering and payment system:

  • You could hire someone externally to build an order and pay system, which could cost a pretty penny.
  • You could go with a third party app that will likely charge a commission fee on every order (anywhere from 6%-30%), or charge you a monthly fee.
  • Or you could simply set up your digital menu and ordering system with OrderUp, and accept commission-free takeout orders from your social media! 

You can get started by simply filling out this form – and we can have you up and running within 36 hours! There are no hidden fees or charges, it’s seriously free. 

To learn more about the process of getting set up, please see this post on “How To Set Up Your Restaurant For Contactless Order and Pay” or simply email [email protected].

2. Accept Orders From Your Instagram

The easiest way to accept orders from your Instagram is to use Linktree. 

How to set up LinkTree 

    1. Go to https://linktr.ee/ 
    2. Click “Create an Account”
    3. Fill in the necessary information and logo
    4. Click “Add Link” 
    5. In the “Title” spot put “Order Takeout” 
    6. Add your OrderUp Menu URL 
    7. Make sure the link is turned on (green button)
    8. Add any other links you feel necessary
    9. Post Linktree Link in your Instagram bio

Advise your followers to place orders through the link in your bio, and watch the orders roll in!

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