7 Ways QR Codes Can Engage Customers in Restaurants

We have reached a point in our evolution where technology is inextricably linked to our daily lives. Gone are the days when we had to ask friends for site addresses and jot them down in a book before we could check them out on our home computer. 

Now people can get the information within seconds with a simple scan of a QR code on their phones.

Simply use your phone’s camera app, aim the device at the QR code, and tap the “Scan” button: you can get the data you need in under a minute. 

Our smartphones have made our lives easier in every way possible. From carrying around all of your contacts to calculating math problems, even looking up phone numbers from the pooled data from the internet, there is always an app available that doesn’t even cost you a dime. 

These technological innovations of QR have also found their way into the restaurant business. So let’s look at seven ways QR codes are used in the restaurant sector to engage customers.

7 Ways QR Codes Can Engage Customers in Restaurants

QR-Based Digital Menu

Restaurants with printed menus must stick with the same menu and prices for years, even when the prices have increased or when seasonal dishes have been added or removed. 

Restaurants with digital menus on tablets can alter their menus as per demand by changing the menu on a screen, eliminating the need to reprint new menus, which would be costly and time-consuming.

If a customer points his mobile device to the QR code on the printed menu, he is directed to that particular day’s menu for easy viewing, priced in real-time. This is beneficial for small businesses that do not have to order fresh stock of printed menus whenever they wish to change their menu whenever the prices change or seasonal dishes are added or removed.

Tap Into the Power of QR Code Marketing

Restaurants can leverage QR codes to promote or market themselves using the following methods:

Use QR Codes in Printed Marketing Collateral Such as Flyers, Menus, and Posters

You may attract new consumers unfamiliar with your restaurant by using QR codes on flyers, menus, and posters. Customers may discover more about your company when they scan the QR code and are sent to a landing page or website.

Use QR Codes on Table Tents or Coasters in Your Restaurant

Another great way to promote your restaurant using QR codes is to place them on table tents or coasters in your establishment. This will allow customers interested in learning more about your business to quickly and easily discover more by scanning the code with their smartphone.

Use QR Codes to Direct Customers to Your Website

Restaurants can use QR codes to direct potential customers to your website or landing page, where they can learn more about your restaurant and what you offer. 

Make a promotional video and add it to your website or landing page to contain relevant information that will interest your target audience. One of the best ways to make promotional videos is by using online video editing tools that conform to your website or landing page’s specifications.

QR Code In-House Wifi Sharing

Customers who prefer to work from restaurants or coffee shops sometimes need to access the internet using the establishment’s wifi. There are plenty of reasons, such as saving the data charges, restricting access to the internet, etc.

However, most public wifi hotspots require a password, and sometimes you won’t find them or have access to them. Even in these cases, a restaurant could use QR codes to share the wifi credentials directly without needing to provide the password verbally.

Show the Restaurant’s Journey Using QR Codes

You can add interactivity to your product by using QR Codes. One approach would be to demonstrate how your product makes its way from fields to factories and, eventually, to retail locations.

One of the most well-known breweries in the US, Old College Brewery, prints QR Codes on all of its cans and bottles for this same reason. On each can is a QR Code that may be scanned. Customers who scan the label may get information on the beer’s journey from the hop field to the glass it is served in.

This keeps the consumer engaged and ensures they are completely informed about the product they purchase.

Using QR to Provide a Detailed Description of a Menu Item’s Ingredients

A restaurant utilizing this QR Code will give the consumer the necessary information before deciding to buy a certain item. Overall, such a QR Code would benefit consumers who scan it because it gives them a detailed description of each ingredient in their food. In other words, it provides them with a list of their dinner’s nutritional facts.

Providing information about your product will help your customers make an informed choice. All details about the product, such as its components, warnings, and such, must be included.

Further, many buyers consider factors such as calorie count, sugar content, and nut content while making a purchase decision. Including a QR code that links to more product details helps with that.

Customers are more interested and informed about your products when they use QR codes.

QR Code Contactless Payments

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, the use of contactless payment has increased significantly. Contactless payment has proven beneficial as it eliminates the need for cash and cards.

Although contactless payment has been around for years, it is only recently that the increase in the use of contactless payment has shown significant positive results. The use of QR codes has enabled people to more easily pay for goods without having to spend time taking out their wallets or cards.

Merchants have seen an increase in sales by using contactless payment because of the rise in consumer confidence. As consumers no longer fear that they will be overcharged or that there may be faulty card equipment, this has allowed merchants to do more business with fewer errors and provide consumers with a more pleasant shopping experience.

Use QR Codes to Solicit Feedback

Restaurants can ask their customers to submit reviews on the restaurant rating websites like Yelp or in their portal to work on the areas where they are lacking. 

To this end, if restaurants request feedback via QR-based surveys, they can get a real-time response and collect valuable information. This allows restaurants to understand their shortcomings and the parts their patrons like. 

Traditional restaurants don’t benefit from this approach as they do not receive instant feedback.


QR codes have many benefits for restaurants. They are a great way to promote discounts and specials and can also be used to track customer behavior. So follow the ideas discussed and use QR codes for a better experience at your restaurant.

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