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It's your website, your social media – why should you have to pay?

Anywhere your digital menu exists, so does takeout. Capture your audience, wherever they are, by accepting takeout orders online – directly from your menu.

Turn visitors into customers.

Did you know 67% of consumers — and 72% of millennials — say they’re committed to supporting small businesses more than they did pre-pandemic? And 70% of consumers prefer to order direct from restaurants, not third-party services. OrderUp offers a streamlined takeout solution for restaurants that allows diners to truly support their favourite restaurants, by ordering directly from their website.

OrderUp is committed to being entirely free for restaurants, forever. Sounds too good to be true? We already support over 60 restaurants with contactless dining solutions and marketing assistance across North America. Check out our testimonials below. 

guests can place takeout food orders directly from your website, completely free when you use an orderup digital menu

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Convert followers or visitors into customers by accepting commission free takeout orders – from anywhere. Website, Social Media, Business Cards... the list goes on.

How Online Ordering for Takeout or Pickup Works

1. Update Your Ordering Links

Diners access your menu through a unique, mobile-friendly Menu URL (Link). Anywhere a menu link is available, so is takeout or pre-ordering. This includes social media such as Instagram, your website, Google MyBusiness and Yelp. 

We are more than happy to help you get this part set up for you.

2. Guests Place Orders Directly From Your Digital Menu

Diners place and pay for their order from any device through an OrderUp digital menu. Extra perks include, collecting email addresses for marketing communication, advanced SEO support, and NO APP DOWNLOADS. 

3. Accept Orders On Any KDS & Send To Chit Printer

Orders are sent directly to a tablet-based Kitchen Display System (KDS). When they arrive, they are fully paid for and ready to review and confirm. Depending on the flow of your operations, orders can be accepted and sent to a chit printer, or dealt with straight from the KDS. You also have the ability to reject or refund and order if needed, and set an ETA for when the meal should be ready for pickup. 

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