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OrderUp is a commission-free dine-in digital menu and contactless QR Code ordering  & payment system for restaurants. We support restaurants at no cost, because we’re restaurant professionals ourselves. Check out our website here to learn more!

We also support a completely free online ordering for pickup, from a restaurants website or social media. 


OrderUp is a web based platform. We do not have an app for discoverability. With that said, using OrderUp menus & online ordering can help boost SEO and local searches for your restaurant.

This is also means that there is no app download required for a guest to place an order. Our checkout process takes under 45 seconds. 

We’re glad to hear you’re already familiar with QR code technology – you’re already halfway there! Here are some reasons OrderUp’s QR code enabled menus are trusted by other great restaurants like yours:

  • OrderUp SmartMenus are optimized for mobile, so they’re super easy to browse, and provide your guests with the best viewing experience.
  • You have access to an OrderUp merchant portal to update your menus in real time anytime you need.
  • Our Order Management System is easy for your staff to use, and frees them up to focus on creating meaningful guest interactions – no new hardware required. 
  • We are seeing upwards of 10-20% increase in guest cheque average with our restaurants using QR Code Order & Pay.
  • Contact tracing (optional) with OrderUp is fully encrypted, which means your diner info is always safe. 

With OrderUp there are no financial barriers: Our full platform is 100% free for restaurants to use.

Learn more about what makes our menus different here.


Getting started with OrderUp only takes a few clicks. Fill out the onboarding form and we’ll have your menu digitized, along with a custom QR code ready to go in as little as 48-hours! From there a member of our Customer Success team will be able to offer training on your merchant backend and how to access all of the features OrderUp has to offer.

You can also learn more in this blog post: How to set up your restaurant for contactless QR code Order and Pay.


Simply provide some basic information, and a PDF or link to your existing menu through this form and we’ll send you a customized digital menu and QR code within 48 hours. 


OrderUp is 100% free for restaurants! With no monthly subscription fees or commission fees, your restaurant gets access to the best contactless digital menus and contactless table ordering and payments platform at no cost. No Bulls***.(pardon our language)

For Order & Pay customers, standard credit card rates apply. Our provider is Stripe. 

This is NOT a payment to OrderUp. This is standard credit card processing fees like any payment terminal.


OrderUp is designed to enhance the dine-in guest experience through easy to use, safe, secure contactless menus, ordering and payment technology. Guest’s scan a tabletop QR code at your restaurant to access your mobile-friendly digital menu. No app downloads required – OrderUp menus load right in a guest’s browser.


OrderUp is built by restaurant professionals, for restaurant professionals. We all know the pain of running back and forth to the POS terminal, missing the extra round of drinks because you couldn’t get to the table fast enough, or having to split complex bills (more than once!). OrderUp’s contactless table ordering system ensures an error-free and efficient hospitality experience. 

Restaurant staff have access to an Order Display System for incoming orders, and to monitor the progress of their tables throughout service. On the Order Management System they can confirm or edit an order before sending to the kitchen. Using a OMS and contactless table ordering system ensures that no guest need ever goes unnoticed. Your restaurant staff can focus on providing great hospitality. Your guests leave happy.


You’ll have access to your own MenuBuilder merchant backend. Making changes to the menu is super easy. If you're an existing partner, be sure to check out our Menu Builder Tutorial Video for any quick-fixes. Conversely, you can visit the menu-builder FAQ page.

Everything from main menus, categories, modifiers, photo uploads, creation of special menus, time/day-specific menus, marking items as sold out, and more can be accessed anytime through your merchant portal.

Your MenuBuilder is also web-enabled, like the whole platform, so you can access it anytime from a tablet, laptop, desktop computer or even your smartphone.


If you’re just using the Menu Only functionality, guest’s will have an easy menu browsing experience. The menu loads in a guest’s browser (no app download) and is optimized to fit to any screen size. Using a QR code mobile-friendly digital menu ensures that everything is up to date with the latest specials and cleaned of any out-of-stock items.

If you’ve enabled the Order & Pay system, a guest may also order and pay for their meal directly from the menu on their smartphone. They’ll receive real-time order status updates, can specify allergies or other notes to the kitchen, and continue to add to their tab throughout the meal. With easy to select modifiers and the ability to suggest add-ons and beverage pairings your menus will start to sell for you, increasing your restaurant revenue. Best of all, as soon as they’re ready they can pay for their meal without taking up your staff’s valuable time – no more printing bills and running payment terminals! A quicker table turn guaranteed.


Restaurant guests scan a QR code, and order their food & drinks directly from their preferred mobile device. Similar to online shopping, they will have a cart that they can review before submitting. 

Payment is made directly from the guests phone, through Apple Pay, Google Pay or any major Credit Card. 

For a visual of the entire process, please refer to our Order & Pay Tutorial Video.


We are working on integrating with a number of POS systems right now, however at the moment we do not. If you’ve used any order-ahead or delivery platforms our system works just the same – an order would come up on the KDS (tablet or computer), you would confirm it there so the diner sees it on their side, and then enter the order into your house POS to send to the kitchen.

If you are interested in OrderUp but rely on a POS integration, please leave us a message here, with your POS, and we'll let you know as soon as we have developed integration.


When a diner pays their bill at your restaurant using OrderUp, transactions are processed via Stripe. Stripe is one of the most reliable, secure, digital payment integrations. You can easily connect to an existing account, or sign up as a new user. Payments are made directly to your connected bank account within 2 business days or faster depending on your business. Additional information, and exceptions, can be found on their website.


The easy answer is, yes! In fact, research shows that contactless ordering actually generates more tips for serves as they are able to cover more tables in a shift.

Our internal data shows an averaged tipped amount of over 21%!


OrderUp is a Canadian company with its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. We mainly support Canadian restaurants, but are happy to explore partnerships if you are in another country.


No. At this point, we do not integrate with any third party delivery apps or marketplaces. 


OrderUp doesn't charge any monthly or commission fees, so how do we make money? 

When orders are placed through other third party platforms, they can charge the restaurant up to 30% per order! 

Our main revenue stream is through charging the diner a small "convenience fee".  Learn more here.

This is so we can offer our platform for FREE to local restaurants. We've ran multiple surveys that suggest customers are willing to pay an extra ~50 cents to a dollar in exchange for peace of mind – that 100% of their order is going to the restaurant they are trying to support. 

The next pillar is convenience to the customer. How much would you be willing to pay to never wait for a payment terminal, or never have to waive down a server ever again? 

We also offer various paid marketing services such as website development, SEO, paid advertising, email marketing and so on. 

Can't find an answer you are looking for? Reach out to our team!

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