Restaurant Revenue Calculator

Incremental Restaurant Revenue Calculator

What is Incremental Revenue?

Incremental revenue is the additional profits that can be generated by existing sales. Traditionally, it is measuring activities such as marketing, price changes, input or supply costs, changes in operations and so on. In general, you can think about it as: 

Our revenue was  $1,000 the “normal” way. 

When we did this activity (marketing, change of operations, cut labour costs, lowered cost), our revenue was $1,500. The difference between those would be your restaurant’s incremental revenue. 

In this case, the incremental revenue would be $500. 

Why is Incremental Revenue Important for Restaurants?

Incremental revenue is important for many reasons. The main reason being…your restaurant makes more money. But, trying, and tracking a projects incremental revenue (or loss) can help bring a blue print to what works, and what doesn’t. 

How OrderUp Can Increase Incremental Revenue For Restaurants

Based on our internal data, external research, and feedback from our partners, we’re confident that letting your guests order and pay from their phone can greatly increase your restaurant’s incremental revenue. 

Try out the calculator below to see what your daily and monthly revenue is, then a projection of what it could be by using OrderUp’s QR code ordering and payment for table serviceIf you’d like to learn more about the why please check out any of the following: 

On the right, shows our projections, and on the left is where you input your restaurants average metrics. 

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