Contactless ordering
has never been so easy!

Fast, simple table ordering & payment
for on-premise dining

Using OrderUp’s QR Code Menus, diners can order from their phone throughout the meal when ready, freeing up staff to focus on quality guest interactions, increasing bill size & turning tables in less time.

Make your menu your number one seller!

On average, digital ordering systems increase guest bills by 12%¹, and tips by up to 15%². OrderUp menus highlight add-ons, making upgrades even more compelling and seamless for your guests.

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Mobile Dine-In Ordering Ruins Hospitality


Mobile Table Ordering improves the customer experience by allowing servers to focus on meaningful guest interactions, like quality checking and helping offer menu suggestions.

It also allows you to serve more tables with greater efficiency by completely eliminating any wait time to order and pay.

Just like a traditional POS, orders are displayed by table number. Each Pending order can be reviewed and confirmed all at once, or by individual item, if you‘d like to course out the meal. You can reject an order/item as well from here if needed.

Once an item is Confirmed by a server, it can be sent directly to a kitchen or bar chit printer, or entered it in your house POS and sent to the kitchen to prepare. Diners will be notified at this time that their order is confirmed and on its way shortly.

Once a diner has paid for their order it is automatically moved into the Paid column. Partially paid tabs show up in orange, and a fully paid order in green.

You can press Close Order to remove it from the KDS. It can still be accessed later from the Order History tab.

Bring OrderUp into your business.

Our goal is to help restaurants increase revenues and lower costs.
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As industry members ourselves, we are proud to offer OrderUp at no cost to restaurants

Contact Tracing & View Only

Encrypted contact tracing software + a mobile friendly digital menu

Order & Pay

Includes the above + mobile table ordering & payment functionality and KDS. A small convenience fee paid by the diner at checkout.

Or, learn more about...

Providing contactless QR code digital menus that are always up to date

Letting your diners pay for their meal quickly and flexibly through their smartphone

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