Pairing Hospitality With Technology

Empowering restaurants to operate profitably and independently.

Who Are We?

OrderUp is a Toronto-based restaurant-tech startup focused on building tools that support Canadian restaurants to succeed in the future of dining.

We’ve been featured in multiple press outlets and have secured significant investments from various Venture Capital sources to continue our growth.

What do we do?

We share this love for hospitality by helping restauranteurs adapt with the latest digital dining technology – for no cost. This includes QR code digital menus, mobile table ordering and contactless payments. Our order and payment solution is proven to increase revenues, and lower costs. We currently support dine-in table ordering, pay upfront models for QSR’s and Food Trucks, and Hotel Room Service. 

We also equip our partners with marketing assistance with a wide scope: Email Support, Website Development, SEO, Promotions and more.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to help restaurants operate profitably and independently. 

We truly believe that technology will change the way the way diners and restaurants order, pay and interact. This doesn’t mean that restaurant staff will be replaced by robots – but that technology will serve as a tool to help restaurants eliminate costly, time consuming tasks such as punching in orders, or waiting for a terminal to pay a bill.

The outcome is a restaurant that’s meeting their consumers where they are. Providing a seamless service that they want. And operating profitably and efficiently while they do it.

Switching Up The Model

This is where we believe that that our competitors got it wrong.

Charging monthly fees + commissions is predatory and unsustainable for independent restaurants…restaurant’s who are already operating on thin margins after the toughest year economically in recent history. 

So, instead of charging restaurants commission, monthly fees or expensive hardware setup… We charge a small convenience fee to the diner on each order. 

What we’re seeing is that guests are happy to pay a small fee for the value that our products bring to them.

  • This means no more waiting to pay the bill
  • No more flagging down servers for that next drink
  • No more waiting in long lines just to place an order
  • Knowing that 100% of their orders proceeds are going directly to the restaurant they love and want to support
And our partner restaurants are able to:
  • Charge fair prices for their food & drinks
  • Operate more efficiently with less staff
  • Generate more tips for their serving staff
  • Provide a better customer experience for their diners

Where do we operate?

OrderUp mainly operates and services Ontario and Canada. As a Canadian company, our focus is helping Canadian restaurants. 

With that said, we do have partners in the United States and are more than happy to provide our products to restaurants below the border.

Say Hello 👋 

Want to learn more? We’re more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Reach out to partners@orderup.ai and we’ll get back to you.


Reach out to partners@orderup.ai for any inquiries.

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