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Mobile Friendly QR Code Menu for Restaurants

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Mobile-Friendly Digital Menus

It's an OrderUp(grade)

Many restaurants have moved towards QR code digital menus in a post-COVID world. The problem is, they’re often hard to read. Ditch the pinch and drag PDFs. Stop linking to clunky websites with small links and tiny text.

OrderUp QR Code Menus are as easy to read as they are beautiful.

Update your digital menu with just a few clicks!

Your mobile menu should be as easy to edit as it is to read.

Easily create and edit menus from your personal MenuBuilder dashboard. Create multiple menus and set their availability based on day and time. 

Ingredient out of stock? Automatically hide unavailable items preventing guest disappointment.

You can even track inventory and have items 86 automatically when they’re sold out.

Bring OrderUp into your business.

Our goal is to help restaurants increase revenues and lower costs.
for life

As industry members ourselves, we are proud to offer OrderUp at no cost to restaurants.

Dine-In Contactless Table Ordering

Includes the above + mobile ordering & payment functionality, an order management system (OMI), and is compatible with various chit printers.

Free Online Ordering for Pickup

Retain ownership of your customer relationships & your profits. Enable free online ordering from your website, social media and other web-properties.

Or, learn more about...

Increasing average order size through more efficient contactless dine-in ordering

Letting your diners pay for their meal quickly and flexibly through their smartphone

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