QR Code Ordering & Payments for Restaurants

Restaurants see a 35% increase in sales in the first 30 days when using a self-serving QR Code system. 

Free Set-Up, Training & No Commission Fees. Ever. 

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What’s included? 

  • Compatible Chit Printers (up to 2)
  • A New Tablet or Order Management Interface
  • As many QR Codes as you need
  • On-site set up & staff training

Beyond these upfront hardware costs, our platform is completely free to use. No commission fees & no monthly fees. 

Give our QR code ordering & payment system a try, and if it’s not for you – no worries. At least you gave it a shot!

A qr code and a phone showing an order, behind that is a tablet which the restaurant uses to manage orders, beside that to the right is another phone showing the apple pay function.

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The future of dining is digital.

Restaurants see a 35% increase in sales within the first 30 days after implementing Self-Serve Ordering with QR codes.

73% of diners agree that interactive restaurant technology such as paying or splitting the bill from their phone improves their guest experience.

Save anywhere of from 25% – 150% on labour costs because less servers are able to cover more tables. This also means a larger tip pool for working staff.

36% of Canadian millenials say they would choose one restaurant over another if it offered contactless or mobile payment options.

QR Code payments are expected to rise by 240% by 2025.

Free digital QR Code menu Toronto Restaurants

Commission-free technology to help you operate efficiently

How does contactless table service ordering work?

contactless order from digital menu

QR Code Menu

Guests simply scan a personalized QR Code, and are brought to a mobile-friendly version of your menu. The menu is completely customizable in real-time.
order from digital menu dine in table service graphic

Contactless Ordering

Customers browse your menu, they choose food, drinks and other add-ons. Once the order is placed, it gets sent directly to the bar and kitchen to start prepping.

Contactless Payment

Diners settle up and pay the bill and tip directly from their smartphone. No waiting for a terminal ever again! We accept all major credit cards, Apple and Google Pay.

Improve Guest Experience

Free up staff to focus on great hospitality

Empower your servers to focus less on transactional tasks like punching in orders, and closing out cheques, and more on engaging with guests and adding value. This creates a more fulfilling experience for both guests, and staff. 

  • Guests are able to order multiple times throughout a meal, without having to flag down a server. No more waiting for a payment terminal to pay a bill.
  •  A study showed that 73% of diners agree that interactive restaurant technology such as paying or splitting the bill from their phone improves their guest experience

Increase Cheque Size

Diners spend more from their mobile device.

Mobile or QR code ordering and payments have proven to increase sales by up to 35%! This is mainly due to strategic suggested add-ons or modifiers, and a shift in consumer behaviour. With a QR code table-service system you: 

  • Have complete control over your menu, suggested pairings & add-ons. 

  • Can test different pricing strategies, menus, and item placements. 

  • Encourage guests to opt for higher margin food and alcohol. (make that drink a double!)

Turn Tables Faster

No one likes waiting for the bill.

Reduce the low-value and time consuming steps in your service. Whether it’s punching in orders, splitting bills or passing around a payment terminal – these are all steps that can be avoided. 

Contactless order and pay has been proven to improve table turn time by 15 minutes.

Interested in learning more? 

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Casual Full Service

Turn more tables while providing better service, and increasing revenue with a single platform.

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Quick Service

Whether you're a cafe, food truck or something between - your busy and looking for a solution to maximize your staffs efficiency.

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Food Hall

Streamline your ordering and payments when guests have the ability to order from multiple vendors under one roof. 

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We will provide everything needed for no upfront cost: Tablets, printers & QR codes.

Benefits of QR Code Ordering for Table Service:

Incremental Revenue

By leveraging recommended add-ons and pairing suggestions, basket sizes increase.

Faster Table Turns

Eliminate low value, time consuming steps of service such as waiting to pay, or manually punching in orders.

Real Time Inventory Control

When an item is out of stock, it will automatically become un-orderable.

Improved Experience

No more waving down a server for another drink, or waiting for a payment terminal.

Menu Builder Backend

Add or remove items with the click of a button. Perfect for restaurants who are continuously switching up their menu, specials and offerings.

Connecting with the Future Diner

53% of millenials and Gen-Z expect businesses to use smartphone technology to augment their experience.

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