Product Updates – June + July 2021

OrderUp Product Updates - August 11th, 2021

It’s been almost 3 months since our last product update. We’ve been very busy these summer months testing, tweaking, and perfecting our contactless ordering and dining platform. Some of our new features and update include robust sales reporting, chit printer integrations, text message notifications, product performance updates & tweaks. 

Sales Reporting

We’re proud to announce that we have integrated a robust reporting function, right in the KDS. Pulling reports is done in the “Settings” page. Operators are able to choose exactly what time frame the report is pulled from, and print out a snapshot of sales and tips from their existing chit printers.

Here’s what an end of night print report looks like:

Example of a chit printed out from an OrderUp Order

Here is what the full (Downloadable) report looks like. Note, it includes a full list of exactly which items were purchased throughout the day. 

Here’s how to set up, and pull, and print reports:

  1. Navigate to the “Settings” page at the bottom tab of the KDS
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page 
  3. Select the dates in which you would like to report on
  4. Click Generate Report
  5. Your report will print out

SMS Text Message Notifications

As we continue to support restaurant operations for both table service and take-out orders, we’ve integrated automated text message notifications for diners. This is especially important when ordering online, to let the customer know that their order has been accepted, give an ETA (optional), and when the order is complete. The same can be used for dine-in or table service to keep your customers in the loop.

Here’s what the diner sees. Phone number is optional, the email is needed to send a receipt.


Once the order is confirmed by the restaurant, the patron will get a text message like the following. It can include an ETA, but is ultimately optional and up to the restaurant operator. Take the example below, this is placing an order to Pickup Sushi from one of our partners, Monkey Sushi.

Chit Printer Upgrades

We now support as many printers as needed. As soon as an order is confirmed on the KDS, it will print out immediately. Printers arrive fully programmed and ready to go. This also comes with the functionality to re-print chits, or print extra chits. We’ve also included the ability to print receipts at any stage of the dining experience. See below: 

Credit Card & Payment Failed Notifications

We have added alerts for when a guest tries to pay for their meal with a credit card, and they are either missing information, have given incorrect information, or have missed a field. Furthermore, the diner is notified if their payment doesn’t succeed, and gives them the reason why.


Unique QR Codes to Table Number

Mainly for dining service, each QR code on the table can register to a unique field. The main use case for this is pre-populating table numbers. This small feature goes a long way and helps ensure the front of house staff is always aware of the capacity, and where tables are at in their dining experience.

Restoring Lost Sessions

Since our application is web-based, we encountered an issue with lost sessions when users were logged in from a private browser. We’ve fixed this issue and have a solution to ensure diners can get back into their menu after they have closed the browser, or re scanned. A guests unique session code can be found on their order in the KDS. 

Performance Enhancements 

Our overall product, both menu and merchant has undergone a large back-end uplift. This makes your menu load faster for your guests and orders run smoother through the KDS. 

We have a lot of new features coming soon. Please reach out to us and let us know if are any specific features that can help your restaurant operate more efficiently.

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