Product Updates – February 3, 2023

We’ve released some new features for the OrderUp POS! Please see below.

Manual Order Input & Editing Orders

In this section we’ll go over how to create orders manually, and edit existing orders for dine-in and takeout service. For an overview, we recommend taking the time to watch this video

Entering Dine-In Orders

Entering Takeout Orders

Edit Existing or Open Orders

Staff Time Tracking

We’ve added in a simple staff time tracking feature which allows staff members to clock in and clock out, as well as track wages and labour costs.

  1. Adding Staff Members & Setting PIN
  2. Clocking in & Clocking Out
  3. View Hours Summary & Edit Staff Hours
  4. Exporting Shift Reports


Custom Kitchen Names for Items and Modifiers

Set custom item and modifier names for the kitchen or bar.

Accepting Cash Payments

It’s easy to accept cash payments.

Payment Terminal Management

Manage your payment terminals directly from the OrderUp POS. Since these are physical hardware, they come fully connected and ready to go.

To order an OrderUp card payment terminal for your location, contact  or your account representative.

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